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The Great Colorado Springs Car Wash

When you use a car wash, what are some of the things you look for?
When I head to one, I want some simple things that you would think were “normal” in a car wash,
like a change machine that actually worked and actually gave you change. So many do not, or short
you. There is never a number to call, either, to get your money returned, and if there is and someone
actually answers, there is some story about having to audit the box and account for all the
transactions and blah blah blah. I don’t know about you, but about the fourth excuse, I hang up and
never return again.
The trash cans need to have been emptied and not overflowing. Seems simple enough, but most
often they are full of garbage that has been there way too long and is creating a health hazard. With
what they charge now for a car wash, you would think they have plenty of money to pay someone to
dump the trash once or twice a day.
Bays that are clean are near the top of the list, too. Grubby does not make me want to take my time
to get my car, floor mats, and all really clean. And speaking of floor mats, how about big clamps on
the wall or somewhere I can put my mats on and really wash them down with the high pressure hot
soapy water setting?
On the topic of hot soapy water high pressure, a wand that worked would be wonderful. Having it
actually in a holder and not laying on the floor spewing is a bonus point. And on more than a dribble
setting. I came to wash my car, not get it piddled on. It has been so long since I have seen soap
actually mix with the water in a pre-wash I would think the wand had rabies. Unless, of course, they
have a brush, with too short a hose, with soap that is so sticky and thick you cannot possibly wash it
off the first round of quarters.
On the topic of quarters, have you ever had one that really added the time it said it would when you
put extra quarters in? Me either.
Those kind of car washes seem to be in neighborhoods that make me look around a lot, usually
spraying things I would prefer not to get wet, too, like my dress pants and shoes I have on after work.
Question – Why are you putting yourself through this when for nearly the same price and time you
can have the
best car wash Colorado Springs has to offer and they do it for you? Are you some sort
of dirt masochist or something?

Drop the quarters and head to a professional, full service car wash that is the best car wash in
Colorado Springs. Your vehicle will look great, your clothes will not get wet, your mats will be clean,

your carpets and windows sparkling. You can even relax and have a cold drink in air-conditioned or
nice warm comfort (after all, it’s Colorado Springs, you know…) and you do not have to get wet, dirty
or grimy doing it. So kill the cheap martyrdom. Go to a real car wash with terrific service and get a
detailed, high quality car wash that does not scratch up your clear coat. Your car will thank you for it,
and you can quit looking over your shoulder waiting for Jason to appear while it happens, promise.